Why do we use Almond Milk?

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In the last year, the number of people choosing to follow a vegan diet has increased by 40% in the UK. As a result there is an increasing demand for plant based milks and we believe that almond milk is the best choice.

The main reason why almond milk stands out so much to us as being the preferable plant-based milk is due to its low carbon dioxide emissions. Its impact on the environment is lower than other plant-based milks, which are all considerably lower than cows milk. For example, a 200ml glass of almond milk is responsible for 0.14kg of CO2, compared with 0.18kg for oat milk, 0.19kg for soy milk, and 0.6kg for cows milk. This is largely because the trees which nuts (almonds) grow on absorb carbon, taking it out of the atmosphere. Almond milk also requires less land than other plant-based milks, again reducing its environmental impact. 

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Not only does almond milk have a low environmental impact, it also has endless health benefits. It is made from a combination of blended almonds and water, and is naturally rich in vitamin E, which strengthens the body’s immune system. Nuts can also reduce the risk of heart disease; eating 66g of almonds each day for 6 weeks is proven to naturally lower cholesterol levels. Additionally, unsweetened almond milk contains low sugar and calorie levels compared to other milks such as coconut, soy, cows and oat milk. Most notably, cow’s milk contains saturated fats and therefore more calories than almond milk, making the widely drunk dairy product more weight gaining. In addition to these natural benefits, almond milk is often enriched with vitamins, minerals and protein. Producers enrich almond milk in order to maximise its health benefits as much as possible, making it desirable to our company. 


We believe that almond milk is a highly beneficial product and far better than other plant-based milks. As a business looking to support eco-friendly practices and sustainability, almond milk having the lowest carbon dioxide emissions means it’s the perfect choice for us as we continually look to reduce our environmental impact. Additionally, it has more health benefits than a lot of other plant-based milks, again making it the perfect milk for our healthy meals.

We use almond milk in our breakfast pots, giving extra flavour to our protein oat pots. We also use oat milk for our protein shakes, which we prefer due to the great flavour it provides!