Why are we the best vegan meal prep service?

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Like many people you may be looking for a vegan meal prep company who truly cares about creating great tasting meals that are nutritionally balanced. Unlike other meal prep companies, Packed Kitchen puts vegan and vegetarian options at the forefront of our menu planning – ensuring you’re not left scratching your head trying to find options.

Busy at work? Not enough time to cook dinner? Well, we can help to resolve those issues. Packed Meal Prep is a perfect solution to a busy lifestyle because we do the cooking for you, delivering healthy home-cooked meals to your door. There are no preservatives in any of our meals making them different from other meal prep companies and ready meals from supermarkets. We cook our meals to order, mainly to reduce food waste, but this also means that all the meals are freshly cooked and quickly delivered, rather than sitting around at the back of a fridge losing their quality and freshness. 

Our meals are inspired by our own travel, giving us a unique view of global cuisines. The popularity and demand for vegan meals is increasing generally, and what makes us special is that through our experiences we have seen how these meals are cooked authentically in their countries of origin, understanding how they should be prepared and taste. This allows us to replicate them using local produce from the Southwest, having been inspired by the flavours of the world firsthand. This gives us the edge over other vegan meal prep companies who offer less choice of meals from around the world, leaving them with a less diverse menu. 


Another reason why we stand out as the best vegan meal prep company is because we cater for a whole range of people. Our meals would be great for a busy family or a group of co-workers, for example, offering both vegan and meat dishes meaning that everyone can be happy eating their preferred meal. A lot of vegan meal prep companies don’t offer this choice, limiting their range of customers. We also offer weight loss, maintain or muscle gain portion sizes, again making our menu suitable for a group who have different priorities. Being suitable for both an athletic customer and also a customer looking for an easy lifestyle makes us versatile and therefore desirable.

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Not just delivering healthy meals to our customers, but also offering a diverse vegan and non-vegan menu puts us ahead of our competitors. Additionally, often choosing a plant-based diet is due to views on sustainability and reducing meat consumption in society, in order to protect the environment. We feel it is important to support these values and make our business as sustainable as possible by making our packaging 100% compostable and keeping food waste minimal. 

Our flexible subscriptions and pay as you go options make us the perfect option if you are unsure as to whether meal prep delivery is right for you.

What options would you choose from our current menu?