Taste the world with a summer staycation

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Your long-awaited summer break may have been cancelled but you should still take time to step back from your life, relax, recharge your energy and reflect on the challenges you have overcome in the past year. Read on for some ideas of how to make the dream holiday from home…

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  1. Eat the World

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do! Why not transform your kitchen for one night by cooking a dish from a fascinating country and faraway land you have always wanted to visit. There are lots of ideas for exotic meals on our menu and if cooking just isn’t your thing then let us do the work for you, we won’t tell anyone!

  1. Host a Cocktail Night 

Rather than sipping a pina colada from your sun lounger, step into the equally stylish world of cocktail party entertaining. Keep it simple by creating a drinks menu with a limited selection of cocktails that you can master. Also, make sure to stock up on ice which you can flavour by adding herbs, whole spices or even edible flowers.

prepared cocktails
various foods on a table
  1. Have a picnic

You’re never too old for a picnic but it pays to prepare before heading off on your adventure! Avoid single-use plastic cups and plates to minimise your carbon footprint and consider reusing household items such as jam jars for dips. No picnic would be complete without a pudding but why not make it easy, healthy and transportable with our peanut protein squares

  1. Join an online yoga class

While you’re on holiday an intense workout may not be on the cards but you could use meditation to clear your mind and strengthen your body. There are now thousands of online classes which are hosted from across the world, many of which are free.

people doing yoga on mats

With these ideas in mind, unplug from distractions and take some time to enjoy a well-deserved and safe break this summer. Perhaps even treat yourself to a week off of cooking by ordering a meal pack for the week!