National Learn About Composting Day

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How To Compost At Home

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Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and help to conserve the world’s natural resources? At Packed Meal Prep, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to do these things so read on to participate in ‘National Learn About Composting Day’!

  • What is composting?

Composting is a natural way of recycling organic material into a rich soil that enriches your plants. Packed Meal Prep already seeks to reduce food waste by making their meals to order but there will always be peelings and eggshells which no one fancies eating! Composting is a great way of recycling this unavoidable waste.

  • What can be composted?

The rule is simple, anything that was once living can be composted. Take for example, Packed Meal Prep’s food trays. These are made from natural wood fibres, sourced from FSC certified renewable Nordic forests, making them 100% home compostable. Other surprising compost ingredients include waste paper, nail clippings and tea bags but you should avoid meat and dairy products to steer clear of attracting unwelcome guests!

  • How can I start composting?

Starting a compost pile is easy. Find an open, level area (around 3-5 feet) with good drainage and start adding organic materials. If the pile starts to get too wet then give it a turn to dry it out or if it is too dry then just add a bit of water. It really is that simple!

With a little effort, space and time, you will soon have free nutrient-rich food for your plants made entirely from your household waste!